PROJECT Green Energy

Transition to Climate-Resilient Communities

The municipalities of Haskovo, Stambolovo and Madjarovo are implementing measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change.

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Towards sustainable solutions

In order to tackle the imminent climate challenges, the municipality of Haskovo has partnered with the municipalities of Madzharovo and Stambolovo and International Development Norway. The project will both indirectly and directly reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses in the area. The project envisages the implementation of innovative pilot measures in the field of energy and ecology, resulting in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the promotion of environmental technological solutions in the daily lives of residents in the municipalities of Haskovo, Stambolovo and Madjarovo. 

The project entails the installation of new modern photovoltaic water  boilers for four kindergartens. This gives local children and staff easier access to sanitation in the form of hot water through a sustainable process. Furthermore, the project will provide new sustainable fuel sources for the staff and inhabitants of the elderly care center Kenana through hydrogen electrolysis powered by a hybrid photovoltaic system. This solution will replace 40% of Kenana´s fuel usage and significantly reduce the amount of harmful gas emissions. Further the project will be planting 500 lilac saplings in the most exposed areas of Yamacha park due to the poor and silicate nature of the soil there.


  • The installation of a hydrogen and a hybrid photovoltaic system in the elderly house in Kenana for them to produce their own high energy fuel. 
  • Four kindergartens will install photovoltaic collectors to generate hot water. This will save the kindergartens 2650 kw of energy per year.
  • Yamacha Park will plant 500 lilacs in order to retain the soil, prevent erosion and preserve the biodiversity of the park.
  • Staff training in good practices and sustainable development.

IDN involvement

International development Norway will assist the municipalities with training their staff in improving their skills to develop strategic plans and programs for sustainable development and adaptation to the adverse consequences of climate change. IDN will also provide dissemination of good practices and knowledge transfer in the field of adaptation to climate change.