PROJECT Green Energy

Modernization of street lighting in Straldzha

This project will modernize street lights with latest generation LEDs, as well as implementing newest technology to improve the energy efficiency

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Improving lighting for greater safety

The municipality of Straldzha sees good street lights as an important social benefit for its citizens, however street light represents a significant part for the expenses. Good street lighting is an important prerequisite for the safe movement of motor vehicles/in the night, for the bigger traffic capacity of the street network, for the security and confidence of the pedestrians and limitation of the criminal activities.

The project proposal consists of the newest technologies – high class LED lamps, lamps that use photovoltaics as its main energy source, systems for monitoring electrical consumption and systems for regulation of street lighting. The successful implementation of the project will assure significant energy savings and will greatly increase the quality of life in the municipality of Straldzha. The project for the reconstruction of street lighting systems is indispensable and will contribute to the achievement of the main target of the program reduction of the carbon intensity and increase of the safety of supplied energy.


  • Replace luminaries with latest generation LED
  • Using smart technology to improve street lights
  • Improvement of the energy efficiency in the buildings, industry and municipalities

IDN involvement

Straldza municipality workers will visit Norway where IDN will be providing workshops which will offer exchange of experience, knowledge and best practices. IDN is also going to have two experts working and running the workshops in cooperation with municipality staff. After the visit and workshops, IDN will prepare all documentation and conclusions into a report.