PROJECT Circular Economy Green Energy

Fertilizer production derived from biogas facility

The project funded by Business Innovation Program in Poland in Wastech Recycling contributes to circular economy and develops fertilizer production derived from biogas facility

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Project no. NORW.19/01/01-20-0003/20 Mon. “Increased competitiveness of Wastech Recycling sp. z o. o. through the use of innovative technology for the production of fertilizer based on post-fermentation substances from biogas plant installations.” benefits from funding of EUR 998,686.64 received from Norway.

Project goal:

Increasing the competitiveness of Wastech Recycling as a result of the use of environmentally friendly technological solutions through the implementation of both innovative processes and products in the company.

Planned results:

Reducing economic and social disproportions within the EEA and strengthening bilateral cooperation between Poland and Norway. The project will result in increased added value and sustainable growth through the development of Polish enterprises based on product innovation.

IDN as a Norwegian partner will help to determine the optimal parameters for the hygienization process of fermentation residues to achieve a fertilizer that is completely safe for the environment and humans in terms of microbiology and parasitology following Polish legal regulations in the field of veterinary, waste and fertilizer.

Project value: PLN 11,490,414.00