PROJECT Green Energy

Solar Power for the Automotive Industry

Installing photovoltaic panels in a traditional Romanian auto parts manufacturer.

Romania Map


Sun powered production. 

COMPA is a prestigious company in Romanian industry, with more than 130 years of activities to back it up. Their current facilities in Sibiu use the latest technologies, with over 400 CNC machines to produce components for the national and international automotive industry. As a traditional player in the market, they need to have a reliable operation, and energy supply is a central element to be secured. Partnering with IDN has allowed them to see the currently unused portions of the roofs in their manufacturing facilities as an opportunity to become more sustainable and autonomous, when it comes to energy use.

With funding by the EEA Norway Grants, the companies are partnering to install photovoltaic panels on the approximate 9.000m2 roof area to produce 1MW of electric energy. 


A sector of Compa’s facilities


This is done through a bilateral component that starts by assessing the technical specifications for the most cost-effective alternative; then install, operates and advises on the maintenance of the equipment; and finally trains and makes recommendations for scaling up the solution. The expert team, formed by energy engineers, solar park builders, solar and green energy specialists, who will also help COMPA by advising on:

  • Establishing an optimal operation and maintenance plan;
  • How to balance consumption of local PV power and grid power;
  • How to use the local PV power to secure backup power to critical installations;
  • Risk assessment and mitigation of external risk factors;
  • Identifying the potential for power production, storage and exchange in the industrial zone.

Knowledge exchange is at the center of this project, which is reinforced with a workshop with key players on the topics related to the project. This is international cooperation bringing about a greener and more sustainable industry.