26.01.2023 Poland

Five new projects from Poland

Here are a list of five new projects originated from Poland in which IDN is participating in:

Yachtomat – an Innovative Service in the Area of Inland Waters  – a project which is going to find new and sustainable solutions in making yacht rental easier and greener in Poland

Circular Sztum – a project which builds the local basis for the circular economy

Improving education by creating a learner-centred environment – a project that will investigate the quality culture in professional education

Citizen Monitoring on Municipal Waste Management Practices – a project that will improve the process of waste management in Polish municipalities by including volunteers from the public

Developing Nature-based solutions for the city of Kłodzko – a project that will improve life quality in Kłodzko city by becoming more ecological and developing more blue and green infrastructure

Click the link to read more about these projects in order to gain insight in what IDN is doing on the projects and general information on the projects