26.01.2023 Bulgaria

Five new projects from Bulgaria

Here are a list of five projects originated in Bulgaria in which IDN is participating

Helping small municipalities mitigate aand adapt to climate change – a project which focuses on providing sustainable measures for climate change mitigation and adaption in four Bulgarian municipalities

Developing Innovative Green products for the construction industry – a project where Wasteful Ltd. seeks to create three construction products from recycled plastics

Transition to climate-resilient communities – a project where the municipalities of Haskovo, Stambolovo and Madjarovo are implementing measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to climate change

Modernization of street lighting in Straldzha – a project which will modernize street lights with lates generation LEDs, as well as implementing newest technology to improve the energy efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency in the city of Pernik – a project which will improve municipal buildings becoming more energy efficient

Click the link to read more about these projects in order to gain insight in what IDN is doing on the projects and general information on the projects