PROJECT SME Development Green Energy

Yachtomat – an Innovative Service in the Area of Inland Waters

New and sustainable solutions making yacht rental easier and greener in Poland

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An innovative service in the area of inland waters.

NYachts is a Polish company looking to expand their services in the Great Masurian Lakes area. The project will help the company become more competitive and therefore bring a more sustainable option to the Polish yacht charter market. The introduction of a new product will allow NYachts to provide sustainable services to people looking to rent a boat in the Great Masurian Lakes area.

The company offers a yacht sharing service that customers can use via their website. Customers can rent both sailing and motor yachts. The yachts purchased under the project will be moored to the platforms forming the Yacht Sharing network. It will make a fleet of yachts instantly and easily available to customers in the yacht sharing model (automatic yacht rental service). The charter service will use RES, smart, network and mobile solutions to make a better experience for customers. The platforms the yachts are moored to wil be equipped with photovoltaic canopies and lithium-ion batteries, making the system energy independent. Implementation of the new solutions will reduce annual CO2 emissions by 3.74 tonnes and reduce annual electricity consumption by 0.01 GWh.


  • Expansion of the yacht chartering service
  • Energy independent mooring platforms
  • Cutting edge and customer-friendly ICT systems

IDN Involvement

In this project, International Development Norway will participate in the development of the ICT system for yacht rentals to provide cutting-edge and customer-friendly solutions.