PROJECT SME Development Green Energy Manufacturing

Technology and sustainability as building blocks for a successful regional enterprise.

The project "Reinventing the wheel" aims at transitioning Starco Beli Manastir into a leading regional company with sustainability and energy efficiency in focus.

Croatia Map


Development towards a long term sustainable business model.

Starco Beli Manastir Ltd. produces niche car parts, particularly within the wheels and tire section of various automated machinery. Due to rising market cost of raw materials over the last few years, the company is not able to meet demand. As the company is located in an underdeveloped region of Croatia stemming from the war. Scaling the enterprise according to demand and opportunities has its difficulties. Particularly when it comes to recruitment of high intensity labour and branching out to other actors. The project therefore focuses on how the company can be taken from a struggling regional company to a well connected actor focused on utilization of steel for rare and unique car parts. For this to be achievable steps such as  improved facilities, competetive and green products and new infrastructure are essential for a directional change into smart, socially responsible and green conduct.

The main objective will therefore be to reduce operational cost, completely remodel into a more sustainable and  societial acceptable enterprise. While also increasing their competetive abilities and profatibility long term. By 2033 it is expected that the CO2 produced per unit is decreased by 177,11 tons following the switch towards sustainability while new high skilled jobs are increased by 10 in the year of 2038. This as a result of increased capacity, new facilities and better technology. Really showcasing the potential an investment in Starco Beli Manastir can achieve not only for the company, but also the Croatian region.



  • Creation of value chains, clusters and platforms for cooperation.
  • Automated machinery to increase production capacity.
  • Establish Green and Lean factory.
  • Implement monitoring systems to quickly detect malfunctions on equipment.
  • Chemical removal plant building.

Role of IDN:

  • Caretaker for the project lifecycle, involved in the idea phase, design management and expert tasks.
  • Mapping, design and implementation of the innovative Karakuri Kaizen solution for zero-energy production line transportation for products and materials related to establishing the living lab. With multiple funtions such as a place for training and education both for Starco partners, but also externals.
  • Play a part in cluster establishment and stakeholder engagement by utilizing its broad network.