PROJECT Circular Economy Entrepeneurship SME Development

Green innovation and digital capacity building with small Greek businesses

"Sustainable business futures: Green Skills and Digital Capacity for Small Businesses in Greece" supports and empowers businesses in becoming efficient, competitive, and sustainable.

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Digital skills and green innovation for enhancing competitiveness

“Sustainable business futures” aims to address the digital skills and green innovation expertise gap that many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Greece face. These skills are necessary to succeed in the 21st century. Empowered by obtaining them, SMEs participating in the project could become more competitive and sustainable, contributing to the development and growth of the Greek economy.

IDN project partners, through their expertise identified topics necessary to cover in digitalization workshops and trainings to stay competitive within the globalized and digitalized market. They include Website Development, Social Media Marketing and E-commerce. This experience will also provide a Networking opportunity for the local SMEs.

Green Industry Innovation coaching and mentoring will support businesses in becoming more sustainable and in building their innovation capacity and resilience. Topics covered will include Sustainable supply chain management, Circular economy for small businesses, Renewable Energy & efficiency, Sustainable Communication & Branding, as well as Life Cycle assessment.

The project is also expected to result in enhanced collaboration between partnering countries, adding to knowledge and expertise sharing.


  • Train-the-trainer workshops in Greece, identifying the Trainers
  • Training and Workshops for Project Partners in Norway
  • 5 Green Innovation workshops for SMEs
  • 5 ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) workshops for SMEs

IDN Involvement

IDN is responsible for the organization of the Project Partners’ visit to Norway with workshops on Sustainability training for SMEs and workshops for the training program design.
IDN will lead the selection and adaptation of existing training materials to local needs.
Two consultants from IDN will visit Greece to deliver training materials and carry out Train-the-Trainer Program whose goal is to identify trainers, develop training programs for them and provide feedback and support.