PROJECT Strategy & Policy

Improving education by creating a learner-centred environment

International Development Norway and the Jagiellonian University Extension, together with the Polish Chamber of Training Companies investigate a quality culture in the professional education

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Jagiellonian University Extenstion and and International Development Norway will cooperate on the following solutions to improve the education sector towards a more learner-centered and quality environment:

  • Proposing the humanistic paradigm of education and learning
  • Emphasizing the need to change the organizational structure of the education sector
  • Cultivating more awareness for the importance of the quality of learning:
    • Focusing on the needs of the learner
    • Creating an integrated and interactive learning environment
  • Custom-made products will support the project staff and the partner organizations
  • Help in analyzing the learning environment and improve conditions of remote education


The developed results will be implemented in two sector organizations, as well as among 12 members of the education sector.
All products will be available as Open Educational Resources (ORE), which will increase the project’s impact.

Jagiellonian University Extension (JUE) operates in the training and consulting services market since 2005. Using the findings of applied science, the company aims to deliver high-quality educational products. JUE focuses on two main areas of interest which are the development of professional roles such as trainers, counselors, facilitators following the lifelong learning approach, and delivering specific training courses for adult learners.

Polish Chamber of Training Companies (PCTC) is the biggest professional association of training and consulting companies from Poland. The member list of PCTC includes universities, NGOs, training and consulting companies, and other non-formal education providers. PCTC represents the interests of the industry to the public authorities, devises the educational standards, organizes educational events and surveys aiming to analyze the current state of sector and provide improvements recommendation.