PROJECT Circular Economy Strategy & Policy

(De)Constructing Circular Economy in Baixo Alentejo Province

Promoting circularity through a regional strategy to reuse and recycling construction and demolition waste

Portugal Map



The main objective of the project (Des)construct for Circular Economy is to promote a regional strategy for the reuse of building products and components as well as the recycling of construction and demolition waste (CDW), thus reducing the environmental impact of the construction sector and promoting is circularity. This strategy will encompass a social dimension through the involvement of voluntary organizations in the processing of products and materials. The project is implemented in the large, international consortium led by Baixo Alentejo Intermunicipal Community, CIMBAL and with the support of CCDRA – Alentejo´s managing authority.

The main activities foreseen to the project are:

  • Municipal construction regulations that support the selective dismantling of buildings, the reuse of products and the recycling of materials, the development of a cadastre and other procedures to close loops in the sector at the regional level;
  • A procedure for pre-demolition audits and a model of materials passport adjusted to the regional reality;
  • A management model for the materials and CDW in order to optimize (economically and environmentally) their recovery, reuse, and recycling and the location of the centers, based on mathematical models;
  • The involvement of local, regional and national stakeholders, to support the development of the whole system and capacity building of key actors.

The project is funded by the EEA Grants Programme “Environment, Climate Change, and Low Carbon Economy. The project has its kick of December the 3d, 2020, and will be implemented during the next two years.  IDN will bring a Norwegian perspective to the project, helping to build a sustainable model of managing construction demolition waste in Portuguese municipalities.