30.04.2024 Poland

Finalizing the Circular Journey in Sztum – Final Conferece

After a two-day conference, the project Sztum Circular Economy– an answer to contemporary climate challenges- was over, and we have been implementing it since February 2022. On this occasion, we traveled to Sztum, the place where the project officially began. Representatives of the consortium talked about the implementation of the project activities, presenting the results of two years of work to those gathered. Participants also had the opportunity to visit key sites strategically relevant to the idea of GOZ, such as the Municipal Waste Selective Collection Point in Sztumskie Pole and the ‘Second Chance’ Circular Station. Investments were made within the framework of the Sztum Circular Economy, and the Sztum Solar Energy Park, which is a showcase for the Municipality of Sztum as an energy self-sufficient municipality.


Before the conference, we also had the opportunity to support young people from the municipality and city of Sztum (invited to workshops as part of the project activities) in learning how to create project flashcards. We would also like to invite you to take a look at the short interviews which have been placed below the photo gallery.


You can read more about the project activities by following  this link:

Sztum Circular Economy