PROJECT Green Energy

Rehabilitation and modernization of street lighting of Haskovo

This project will rehabilitate and modernize the lighting of four settlements of Haskovo municipality. It will also introduce systems to measure and control electricity consumption and construct installations for the production of electricity to cover some of the needs of the new luminaries

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Modern lighting combined with modern systems

The city of Haskovo is the capital of northern Thrace and its history goes back over a thousand years. In order to reduce the usage of electricity for street lighting and improve its quality, introduction of measures for modernization of systems for external artificial lighting (SEAL) in four settlements on the territory of Haskovo Municipality – Garvanovo, Vaglarovo, Klokotnitza and Bolyarovo is envisaged within the project. The main results to be achieved with the rehabilitation of the SEAL are the reduction of energy costs by 81.7%, which equals 533.30 MWh/year, with an environmental annual equivalent of 629.26 tonnes of saved CO2 emissions.

Transnational cooperation creating tangible change

These changes will improve the quality and efficiency of the street lighting while reducing costs through reduction of maintenance, electric consumption and gas emissions. In addition, the new lights will provide better safety on the streets, both for pedestrians and cars, while also reducing the differences between quality of life in the city and settlements. In total, almost 3000 people will have their lives improved with this project.


  • Replace luminaries with latest generation LED in four settlements
  • Introduce systems to measure consumption of electricity
  • Construct installations to provide for some of the need for electricity by the luminaries

IDN involvement

IDN is providing development and introductions to innovative methods in the field of energy efficiency as a partner. We will provide examples and good practices in this field, whilst increasing the capacity of the Bulgarian experts. Not only will this help the implementation of the project, it will establish opportunities and sustainable partnership between the actors involved.