PROJECT Green Energy

Modernization of external lighting of municipality of Malko Tarnovo

Six streets in this municipality will have their luminaries completely replaced with modern LEDs

Bulgaria Map


Energy efficient improvements of quality of life

Malko Tarnovo, or “little Tarnovo” is a rural municipality to the far south-east of Bulgaria, bordering Turkey. The project will introduce smart lighting, allowing optimization of costs combined with improving quality of life and greater security in traffic. In addition, a system of monitoring energy efficiency will be introduced, as well as a system of automation and energy consumption management. These systems, in tandem with the smart lighting, will provide marked improvements in efficiency both in terms of cost and energy. As part of the project 78 standalone photovoltaic lamps will also be installed.


  • Completely replace luminaries of 6 streets with latest generation LED
  • Install 78 standalone photovoltaic lamps
  • Introduce system of monitoring energy efficiency
  • Introduce system of automation and management of energy consumption

IDN involvement

IDN will provide experience and best practices from Norway. In addition, IDN will provide experts to perform further technical evaluation of the projects and to check all baseline data for the implementation of the activities for the construction of the street lighting system and the photovoltaic plant. This activity will be carried out in cooperation with the project management team of Malko Tarnovo Municipality.