PROJECT Green Energy

Modernization of external lighting systems in Veliko Tarnovo

This project will replace the old lighting in several districts with latest generation LEDs, as well as providing automated control systems for them

Bulgaria Map


Modern energy efficiency in an ancient city

Veliko Tarnovo, or great Tarnovo, is a city with ancient history. A former capital of Bulgaria in the middle ages, the city is littered with historical landmarks and ancient buildings. This project will replace the old lighting in several districts with latest generation LEDs. It will also replace brackets and other structural elements for mounting and directing new luminaries, as well as the power cords in the metal poles. In addition to the new lighting, an automated control system for two-way data exchange will be introduced. This will further increase the potential energy saving and efficiency of the light systems.

The intervention is planned to be implemented in the most populated residential districts of Veliko Tarnovo – Buzludzha, Kolio Ficheto, Kartala and Zona-B with over 37,000 inhabitants. The expected investment results in 150% more efficient capacity installed and reduced emissions above 710 tCO2 equivalent on an annual basis.The new LED street lighting will meet the requirements of the BNS EN 13201 standard, which will make Veliko Tarnovo more attractive at night, as well as reducing criminal events and traffic accidents at night.


  • Replace luminaries with latest generation LED
  • Improve various structural components of street lights
  • Introduce automated control system with two-way data exchange

IDN involvement

IDN will provide a transfer of expertise and best practices from Norway, providing relevant expert staff. We will provide a three day workshop in Norway prepared and performed by experts.