PROJECT SME Development Green Energy

Implementation of an integrated medium-scale storage system technology

Improving warehouse with smart lighting, photovoltaics, and systems to create effective and simple paths for picking and delivering goods to and from the warehouse in accordance to industry 4.0

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Integration of energy systems to achieve greater efficiency

Grupa Manada is a company that specializes in selling cosmetics, medicines and dietary supplements through the e-commerce market. As Grupa Manada are becoming established on the market, they are seeking to introduce more complex logistical solutions to create greater efficiency.

The new systems will combine intelligent LED lights with Renewable Energy Systems (RES), in particular photovoltaics on the roof of the warehouse. In addition, a system of software and equipment will allow the warehouse to streamline the process of picking and delivering goods from the warehouse. This will involve combining sensor technology with the application of the Internet of Things in accordance to the opportunities of the warehouse based on expert assessments provided by IDN This is essential for a company which operates through e-commerce.


  • Introduce intelligent LED lighting
  • Software and equipment to improve efficiency of picking and delivering goods
  • integration of RES installation, in particular photovoltaics on the rooftops

IDN involvement

IDN will provide expert surveys to map the layout of the warehouse and defining the needs and suitability of the technology to be used. This will be achieved through a site visit and a workshop with the management team. The experts of IDN will revise existing technology to find the most appropriate for the warehouse’s needs. Finally IDN will provide reccomendations for further integration with the Internet of Things and prepare a strategy and action plan to this effect.