PROJECT Green Energy

Photovoltaic Panel Installation

Bringing solar power to the Romanian meat industry.

Romania Map


Radic Star wants to take the next step in energy efficiency.

The Romanian company has been in business since 1993, and from the start, was concerned with keeping up with technological advancements. Radic Star is equipped with machinery according to the newest standards, which allows them to produce more than 30t of meat products per day. They handle this production in an industrial zone of Romania, that has been proven suitable for solar energy production.

By collaborating with IDN in this project, they will install 9.000m2 of photovoltaic (PV) panels to produce approximately 1MW of energy. In cooperation with solar energy specialists and energy engineers from Norway, we will advise on the selection and use of monitoring, planning, and controlling software, as well as establishing an optimal operation and maintenance plan. The team will also help Radic Star to balance consumption between PV and grid power, ensuring they can store and use solar energy to secure backup power to critical installations.

The experts will also devise a plan for scaling-up local power production by:

  • Identifying the potential with storage solutions (primary batteries);
  • Identifying additional potential for power production, storage, and exchange in the industrial zone;
  • Organizing a workshop with key players on these topics;
  • Making final recommendations for scale-up solutions both for the company and the surrounding industrial zone.

Through projects such as this, we are collaborating for the gradual transition to a sustainable energy matrix. By engaging industries to see the potential and adopt alternative energy sources, we can make a ripple effect and influence other areas in the country. Eventually, entire industrial clusters will be able to have their local power production facilities based on renewable sources, and Radic Star is taking the first step in that transition.