PROJECT Green Energy

Installation of Photovoltaic Panels on the Roof of Existing Buildings

In this project Lantmannen Unibake Romania will install a PV power production of 1MWP on approx. 9.000 sqm of the factory roof.

Romania Map


Baking with photovoltaics

The main objective of the project is implementation of a 0,7506 MWp (DC) photovoltaic system on two existing building roofs to assure electricity from renewable resources for the own electricity consumption of Lantmannen Unibake Romania S.A. and also to reduce CO2 emissions. The rationale behind the project is to optimize electricity costs and increase the share of renewable energy used for own-consumption purposes with minimum environmental impact. 

The photovoltaic plant will produce 927 MWh/year for its own consumption, representing approximately 20% of the company’s yearly electricity consumption. Currently Lantmannen extracts all electricity it needs from a connection to the national grid, having used on average 4.750 MWh/year for production purposes.


  • The installation of Photovoltaics on the roofs of two bakeries
  • Perform a technical-economic comparison with the planned solution

IDN Involvement 

International Development Norway will assist in building internal expertise on green energy production for industrial usage and perform a technical-economic comparison with the planned solution and give a second opinion on the technical specification to secure an up to date, cost effective solution, and a consistent ToR for the procurement.