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Mitigating barriers to cross-border cooperation between Slovakia and Ukraine while promoting development.

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Mitigating barriers to cross-border cooperation between Slovakia and Ukraine while promoting development.

The project will help to increase the attractiveness and awareness of the border regions, not only for the local residents but also for visitors. This will contribute to the development of tourism, natural and cultural beauties and related services. The project brings new possibilities to obtain information about the region of Eastern Slovakia and the Transcarpathian region for domestic and foreign visitors, promoting local culture and sports activities of the impacted regions, all in one place on the internet. After its completion and the subsequent start of the project outputs, we expect a gradual increase in the number of visitors, amounting to a 20% expansion.

Creating a coordinated promotion of the Carpathian region as a tourist destination.

The partners’ representatives were interested in getting to know the beauty of our region by means of trips, which we provided for them outside the project implementation and without financial compensation. Therefore, we believe that our cooperation will continue after the project is finished. The partnership with the Norwegian partner was based on the exchange of experience in introducing innovative forms of publicity for the regions, which are gaining popularity in the Slovak market.

IDN contributed with a best practice report on tourist portals and also participated in workshop/conference with expertise on web portals and tourism. We also contributed to the visibility of Slovakia in Norway, which is open to the recognition of the new cultural and historical values of the European Union. 

The project accomplished:

  • A web-portal for tourism in the region (historic sites and monuments, services, transportation, accommodation, map, contact information and so on)
  • QR-coding of 400 tourist sites and monuments in the region
  • A mobile application, based on web-portal and QR-code service
  • The creation of tourist guides for handouts

Besides the outputs, other important activities were realized as well: territory analysis,in which the experts mapped in details potential of historical and natural sights, sports attractions, hiking and biking trails,tourism services such as accommodation,catering,leisure activities,program of regular recurring events; the project’s area of interest: National Parks Slovenský kras, Slovenský raj, Muránska planina, districts: Rožňava,Spišská Nová Ves,Revúca; Conferences – introductory and final, which also initiated the creation of sustainable collaborative structures that will cooperate to fulfill the portal as well as the promotion of the relevant monuments and services in the region.