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International Development Norway is a spin-out of SINTEF Foundation, the largest contract research institute in Scandinavia.

We provide consulting and management services to projects that require international cooperation. Through a global network of experts, we facilitate knowledge exchange and project cooperation, focusing on Circular Economy, Green Energy, Entrepreneurship, Education & Social Inclusion, Manufacturing, SMEs, ICT and Innovation.



Our work

With an extensive project portfolio, we have succesfully contributed to building more innovative, sustainable and prosperous futures for local economies around the world.

This expertise is refined by constantly performing in a multicultural setting, proving that there is power in diversity.

Global reach

Our projects have so far reached 28 countries in four continentes, with the work from more than 50 connected universities, Norwegian authorities, bilateral and multilateral agencies, international institutions, governmental organizations, local businesses and other institutional partners. Since 2010, we have also participated in more than 20 EEA Grants projects.


Our expert team

We work with different experts from around the globe and source them according to the needs of each project. Along with our core team, we provide assistance through the whole project lifecycle, from the early steps of the application process, to management, expert tasks and reporting.

Anders Stølan


Mr. Stølan has extensive international experience in project development management and consulting, local economic development, innovation and transnational technology transfer.


Katarzyna Anna Kazimierczuk

COO Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Ms. Kazimierczuk is a graduate from International Relations faculty at the University of Wrocław. She has international experience in development, management and implementation of projects, feasibility studies, application and tendering documentation.


Caroline Tissot

COO Inclusive Growth

Carol has a bachelor's degree in International Relations. After three years working in different positions in organizations like Hyundai, AIESEC and PwC she did her M.Sc in Globalization, Politics and Culture at NTNU.


Rune Stølan

COO Green Production & Services

Rune has a M.Sc. in Political Science and Government from NTNU. He specialized in the fields of international political economy, political risk analysis and foreign direct investment. Further education within Lean Production from NTNU.


Our focus

We get involved with projects that help to address real-world issues, be it with better discussion forums for small entrepreneurs or technological innovation for a greener and more sustainable industry.

Supporting circular economy innovation

Fostering local business environments

Promoting international cooperation

Driving inclusive and sustainable growth


EEA Grants
Innovation Norway
Institute of Physics
IOM - UN Migration
Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Pure Consulting
SEED Forum
University of Mariboru
University of Presov
AVTO Engineering

How we do it

Verify requirements

Verify requirements

Dealing with the demands of different international parties requires a full and thorough assessment of needs. Our solutions are customized to deliver what is required at every level.

Analyze context

Analyze context

To get a full grasp of the bigger picture we take a deep dive into the reality in which the project will be implemented. This allows us to refine potential solutions and adequatly address systemic needs.

Transfer knowledge

Transfer knowledge

True growth can only be achieved by allowing everyone to benefit from technological advancements. The experts we bring into our projects set out to facilitate the development of solutions on site, along with local partners.

Provide support

Provide support

We are commited to the success of every project, from beginnig to end. By covering the whole lifecycle, we deliver reliability and continuous assistance to our partners.

Report results

Report results

Understanding the outcomes of our actions is what sets the base for future improvements. Our reports give valuable information to private and public authorities interested in learning with us.

Promote autonomy

Promote autonomy

Our relationships are mutualistic, but not co-dependant. We help to set a legacy of positive impact, one that will only be sustainable if it can be carried on by local agents autonomously.

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