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Investment in an eco-friendly ceramic coating production line

The project's objective is to increase Cemacon SA’s competitiveness by building a new eco-friendly production line for ceramic coatings

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Prefabricated lintels consist of a ceramic coating and reinforced concrete. Cemacon SA operates as a  lintel factory and for this operation imports the ceramic coating from Italy.
The project’s main objective is to implement a new production line for ceramic coating to be used in lintel production. This will replace import of ceramic coatings from Italy.
Therefore, Cemacon SA can increase its prefabricated lintel production to 1,365,000 linear meters per year, without other further investment in lintel facility.



The goal of the Program is to strengthen cooperation between Romanian and Norwegian businesses. On the project level a bilateral component should provide and add value to the business of Cemcaon SA. Further it contributes to strengthening the green innovation profile (score) of the project. International Development Norway, as a Norwegian partner, can intensify and extend their business operations in Romania.



The investment in the new green production line for ceramic coatings will be the starting point for green production lines by Cemacon SA. To establish a strategic plan for this goal, International Development Norway and Cemacon SA will jointly conduct a Lean Audit on all the Cemacon Factories (Brick Factory, Lintel Factory new Ceramic Coating Factory).

At a workshop International Development Norway will analyse the results and findings from the Lean Audit and consult the company how to optimize the production flow, which also means reducing energy and material consumption. Another part of the workshop will be done with production specialists. They can transfer knowledge and give recommendations regarding the methodology and the findings.