PROJECT SME Development

Tropiq Colombia: A Nordic touch to Colombian Specialty Coffee

A feasibility study of the coffee market in Colombia to ensure sustainable coffee production from farm to roaster

Colombia Map


Assessing Coffee Production in Colombia

Tropiq AS is a coffee sourcing company, and with this project they will redefine Colombian coffee sourcing with a more transparent and equitable way of processing and exporting. This involves a strong focus on top quality and sustainable production, which will increase the farmer’s returns. Improved coffee production and quality will trigger local employment and additional investments in the producing regions, in the coffee farms itself, and may encourage side-projects along the way. In order to ensure a high-quality coffee, Tropiq aims to set-up subunits in the main coffee producing regions, starting with Antioquia. 

Tropiq will engage local staff in the subunits, which will work to facilitate the sourcing of raw materials, quality control, supply chain management monitoring, and the deployment of knowledge from coffee experts such as agronomists. 

The operations of Tropiq near the producing source will be focused on product development, optimizing quality, and increasing yield of the producing farms. The setup of Tropiq’s subunits in Colombia also contemplates introducing the Colombian market to a modern database for business tracking. This will facilitate the access to relevant information throughout the processes, allowing coordinated logistics, and integrating the supply chain for the B2B coffee market while ensuring a sustainable and fairly traded coffee.

Activities of the Project

To achieve the subunits set-up and the adaptation of the database, a feasibility study will be conducted. This will provide Tropiq with relevant information to further design a complete business plan for the extension of its operations in Colombia. Following, Tropiq plans to deploy its production and quality expertise to establish and manage a wet-milling processing unit to transform coffee cherries into high-quality coffee parchment and specialty coffee ready to export. 

Expected Outcomes of The Project

  • Conduct a feasibility study and use the findings to establish an integrated supply chain of Colombian specialty coffee for export.
  • Create direct jobs in Tropiq and indirect jobs at the local level, and facilitate and integrate activities to help coffee farmers increase the quality of coffee through capacity-building and training.
  • Increase resilience of farms to withstand effects of climate variations in terms of temperatures, soil, and sun exposure.
  • Increased quality and value of the product (green coffee).
  • promote a higher level of sustainability, transparency, and price transparency throughout the supply chain, from farm to roaster. 

IDN will provide assistance in preparations of applications and expertise in project management.