PROJECT Circular Economy

CLIMA BEST – Better climate based on the best experiences and climate change awareness

Project dedicated to awareness raising on climate change adaption and mitigation

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The main objective of this project is to increase the climate literacy of the individual. This means the implementation of soft and hard measures by disseminating the latest scientific knowledge, innovative approaches and best practices on climate change mitigation and adaptation with regard to the practical use in everyday life.

Soft examples are given by organising workshops or creating training and education programs about sustainability and Circular Economy. Hard measures include e.g., the installation of a bioclimatic park.

The project is supported by the Norway Grants as well as by the State budget of the Slovak Republic within the program “Climate change mitigation and adaptation”.



International Development Norway will implement this project with partners such as the Civic Association Ecoenergy, Slovak Environmental Agency and the Energy Farm International Foundation (Norway).

International Development Norway will assist its partners in terms of a bilateral cooperation. This will include the organisation and participation in climate change awareness activities, consultation on climate change education and education in practice and supervision of the project implementation.