PROJECT SME Development

Smart House AI System

Utilizing artificial intelligence to provide optimized smart housing for consumers

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User-Friendly Smart Housing

As a certified professional energetic company, Elvo has fulfilled clients requests in automation, electric engineering, photovoltaic systems installation, solar panels installation, and smart house installation. The next step for Elvo is the project of a smart house artificial intelligence system. 

The project will provide consumers with user-friendly housing which synchronizes with other manufacturers’ smart house systems. the system will acquire data on habits and needs, and consequently provide a specialized service and user friendly predictions. 

The user of this smart house system will be able to have almost any smart house synchronized by his/her needs in an instant, just by logging in. The system will also include a constant human comfort and needs analysis.

Activities to Reach the Objective

  • Design and implement a specialized system of artificial intelligence.
  • Analyze requirements and preferences of potential customers.
  • Recommend competitive services and designs for optimized system.

IDN will contribute to the project with ICT and market oriented product and service development competence. IDN will also provide research and experimental development related to AI smart housing.