PROJECT Manufacturing SME Development

Improving M.I.B.-T.H. business model and competitiveness through A-Gluten

Creating a gluten-free flour with biotech and optimising production lines to accomodate it

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Creating biotech greener and more efficient

M.I.B.-T.H. was founded in 199 by dr. Riccardo Manfredini with the goal of creating a biotech Centre for the development of M.I.B-T.H. in the field of antibiotics, API’s, Aminoacids and vitamins for both human and animal use. M.I.B-T.H. is seeking to create the product A-Gluten, a gluten-free biotech, as well as improving the operational capacity of the company by modernizing its research and production facility in terms of production lines and improved service delivery. To achieve these goals, the project will optimize production flow, green the production by reducing material and energy usage, greening packaging and digitalizing the facility. To perform these changes M.I.B.-T.H. will purchase top-of-the-line technology and machines, combined with digitalization solutions and processes through a Smart Factory pilot created by IDN.


  • Hold a co-working workshop to analyze the potential and needs of the facility
  • Assessing packaging at M.I.B-T.H. and providing options to increase the green impact
  • Create a new energy management plan
  • Assessing digitalization level and introducing a Smart Factory pilot
  • Review A-Gluten production flows, commercialization, and scale-up strategy to refine automation and digitalization of production process

IDN’s Involvement

IDN will assess the current digitalization level of the factory and suggest a digitalization strategy. In concert with this, IDN will look at optimizing and greening production flow. This will be achieved using Operational Management and Simulation tools in parallel with Lean Manufacturing and 5S methodology. In addition, IDN will provide a system of more efficient and greener packaging based on a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) designed to assess the environmental impacts and resource consumption profiles of different packaging options. after presenting the tools and collecting data IDN will make a complete analysis and make a concluding report on climate/environmental impacts.