PROJECT Entrepeneurship SME Development

Science and Technology Park Belgrade (STP)

Helping the Science and Technology Park Belgrade improve its ability to help business in developing

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Creating a meeting place for industry and academia

The Science and Technology Park Belgrade was established in partnership between the Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, the city of Belgrade and the University of Belgrade. The Science park is used as a new city core for business; a place where technology, science, industry, academia and entrepreneurship can come together to create a core of innovation.

In the STP, businesses can receive support in each phase of development, from the idea-stage to the process of internationalization. At every stage, the integrated nature of the science park allows deeper cooperation and the modernization of research and innovation.


  • Create standardized business support services and tailor made services suited for as many businesses and stages of development as possible.
  • Creating deeper links between industry and academia


IDN’s involvement

IDN will provide comprehensive assistance to the operationalization of the STP in order to improve the quality of its work. IDN will also provide relevant experts in any area needed and requested in accordance to the project.