PROJECT Circular Economy Entrepeneurship

“INSPIRATION” for Circularity inclusion in Greek Startups

INSPIRATION project stands for supporting INnovative StartuPs towards cIRculAriTy inclusION, and it seeks to support small companies in increasing their Sustainable Competitive Advantage.

Greece Map


Supporting Sustainable Business Models Innovation

Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are a big part of the Greek economy.
As analysis shows that the adoption of Sustainable Business Models Innovation and Circular Economy Business Models is the future of business and a major competitiveness factor, it is necessary for Greek SMEs to transition away from their conventional Business Models.

The goal of INSPIRATION is to support Greek SMEs in this transition and in the challenges coming with it. It aims to improve conditions for the adoption of Sustainable and Circular Economy Business Models. Through that, the project supports SMEs in exploring opportunities in areas of Green Industry Innovation, Blue Growth and Informative Communication Technologies.


  • Acquisition of new knowledge and capacity building by the Partner
  • Networking Activities and Knowledge Transfer, including Mentoring and Coaching Startups
  • Collaboration activities including exchanges and participation in Startup Extreme

IDN Involvement

IDN will collaborate, support, organise and provide know-how together with Greek Partners, on all Phases of the project. This will include selecting the training institution for the project partner’s capacity building and organising these activities. IDN will also participate in collaboration activities between Greek and Norwegian SMEs, including networking, exchanges and the Startup Extreme fair.