PROJECT Circular Economy

Improving waste management in Sofia

Improving waste management on the territory of Sofia Municipality by implementing a pilot project for three municipal schemes for separate waste collection and recycling

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Every year Sofia generates nearly 75,000 tons of food waste, which represents 13% of all waste in the whole country. Some modern facilities are already in place, producing electricity from food composts. Participators are mostly bazaars, restaurants, kindergartens and schools. However, food waste from private households is still disposed and mixed with other waste. Besides, end-of-life tires are also still disposed illegally – through incineration. The infrastructure for an official tire disposal is expensive and undeveloped. Garbage incineration and particularly tire incineration, produces toxic gases which are polluting the environment and harming health.


The participants will be a project team of public officials from Sofia Municipality and International Development Norway. Therefore, the areas affected by the project will belong to Sofia Municipality, particularly the townships Verdikal and Simeonovo, Bankya District and Dragalevtsi Vitosha District.


The project will develop schemes for  seperate collection and reuse of food waste and end-of-life tires. The following activities are planned, including the target groups – municipal administration and the general public:

  • Identification of specific consumption patterns and trends in waste generation
  • Introduction of 3 schemes for separate collection and recycling
  • Transfer of good practices from Norway
  • Conducting information campaigns