PROJECT Entrepeneurship

Ready-STEM-Go! Increasing STEM Skills in Pozega

The municipality of Pozega is looking to increase STEM skills and Knowledge in their kindergartens and elementary schools.

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Increasing STEM Learning in Pozega

The aim of the project “Ready-STEM-Grow” is to strengthen the competencies of teachers, other educators and students in the STEM area and the area of STEM teaching and peer learning through professional workshops, support from Norwegian partners and three functional STEM classrooms that encourage cooperation, communication, research, problem solving, critical thinking and creativity. The duration of the project will be 18 months and is implemented in the area of Novska, Požega and Virovitica and the scope of activities reaches three counties. Specifically, the project directly emphasizes the interdependence of man, plants and animals in natural laws and raises awareness of individual and collective responsibility in the community.


  • Provide Norwegian best practices in STEM education
  • Give Kindergartens and Elementary schools knowledge in sustainability and STEM skills
  • Organize workshops

IDN Involvement

International Development Norway Will assist the municipality of Pozega in creating a better environment for STEM skills in kindergartens and elementary schools. IDN will participate in the hosting of workshops in both the countries of Croatia and Norway with an emphasis on STEM learning and knowledge. IDN will also participate in knowledge sharing with the municipality of Pozega.