PROJECT SME Development

Programming and producing a holographic display

Using established market components and creating a software for a holographic interface that can be operated without touching a physical surface

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After the Covid-19 pandemic, people are more reluctant to touch screens and physical surfaces in public spaces. Nevertheless, the need for information and interaction has not disappeared and will continue to grow.

One answer to this problem could be an air-touch holographic display, analogous to a physically touch screen. To create a holographic display, the project will develop software and use complete components available on the market. Users would not physically touch the screen itself when making their choices. There will be only a high-resolution hologram that “hangs” in the air and is visible to the users.

Gluk Media Ltd. is a Lithuanian leader in developing interactive media and augmented reality solutions, which blurs the line between the virtual and real world by integrating innovations into everyday life. The company also has a lot of experience in research and is now planning to participate in a project to create a holographic display from existing components.



The participants of this project will be Gluk Media Ltd., Vytautas Magnus University (LT) and International Development Norway. Both Gluk Media Ltd. and International Development Norway see the project as a strategic opportunity to develop joint business activities in Lithuania, Norway and other countries.

International Development Norway will provide ICT- and market-oriented product and-service competence to the project.