PROJECT Circular Economy Entrepeneurship

“New in Town” – modern relocations without a carbon footprint

Using a consciously built website to support more environmentally friendly removals

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Providing informed choices in everyday life

The project aims to create a website, “New in town”, to give end-users options for removal with informed choices for optimal removal options. An example of the active decisions will be the usage of reusable plastic containers which will produce ca. 0.42 tons less CO2 per year, as compared to the disposal of single-use cardboard boxes commonly used for removal purposes.
The website will also have the added benefit of improving awareness of environmental choices as the user will more easily be able to browse opportunities and potential savings.


  • Build website allowing conscious choices in removal services
  • Comissioning a scientific unit to develop and algorithm for the app to calculate estimated CO2 emmissions of different options on the website
  • Partnering with transport and removal companies whose fleets meet EU standards for combustion gases
  • Providing reusable containers and blankets to pack and secure loads on a rental basis

IDN’s involvement

IDN will mentor the entrepeneur behind the project, providing the mentorship of experienced staff and experts. IDN will also carry out specific project activities as a partner where applicable. Finally, IDN will provide the project with information to coordinate and monitor the implementation of the project.