PROJECT Entrepeneurship SME Development

Guide 4.0 – how to teach the competences of the future

Teaching Industry 4.0 to teachers and lecturers to increase knowledge amongst SMEs in Poland

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Teaching the industry of tomorrow

The Future Industry Platform Foundation (FPPP) is a Polish foundation created by the Polish Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology as means to improve Polish SME competence and awareness on digital transformation. This project is a cooperation between FPPP and IDN to teach competence in industry 4.0 and the concepts surrounding this.

A core of this work will be the teaching of teachers in important competencies for the future, as well as the most effective methods in the relevant fields. An expert group will work on communication and technological competencies. It will also map educational tools to be used in the later processes. From here, an innovative and universal IT-tool (Creator) will be made. This tool will be embedded with a map of competences and proffessions of the future. A handbook will be created in both physical and digital form. The digital form will consist of online tutorials using e-learning. A course to improve teachers’ qualifications will be created integrating every element of the project. Finally various promotional activities will be performed to strenghten the projects potential.


  • Expert group will work on communication and technological competencies, while mapping educational tools which could potentially be used
  • Creating a universal IT-tool
  • Embed the IT-tool with a map of competences and proffessions of the future
  • Creating a course to improve teachers qualification in explaining industry 4.0 and using every aspect guide 4.0 as efficiently as possible
  • perform various promotional activites to increase awareness of Project, Guide 4.0 and Industry 4.0

IDNs involvement

IDN will be providing Norwegian perspectives and trend analyzes and IDNs extensive experience in providing industry 4.0 to enterprises throughout Europe. Further, IDN will participate in experts’ group and contributing competence mapping the industry and neccessary educational tools and contribute to desk research related to diversity and cultural context of industry 4.0 competences. IDN will align the design of Competence Guide for the Future (Guide 4.0) to business and eduction needs and assist with the creatio n of a handbook for teachers by reviewing Norwegian education of industry 4.0, organize a study visit focusing on teaching Industry 4.0 competences in Norway and developing guidelines for inclusive and diversified education. Finally, IDN will assist with course design and validation og developed material in the Course created to improve teachers’ qualifications. Here IDN will use best practices from Norway to help support the design of e-learning courses, improving the sustainability of the project results. In addition to these activities, IDN will contribute to the promotional activities of FPPP