PROJECT Green Energy Strategy & Policy


Strengthening applied research potential for international projects in the environmental and energy sectors.

Ukraine Map


The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the Applied Research potential of Kharkov region with the special focus given to international oriented projects in the environmental and energy sector.

The project is based on the pilot performed by our staff in Kharkiv, financed by NMFA . The Ukranian city was an important scientific and industrial centre in the former Soviet Union, and much of the scientific capacity is intact, but the transition into an EU and market oriented framework for research is far from finished Main tasks in the project are grouped in the following components:

  • Preparing, updating and disseminating Tailor-made Information Packages covering relevant policies, laws, regulations, funding
  • Conducting the Trainings for the researchers in Applied Research Management and Business Development
  • Screening of the available prospects in 3 categories: Technology Transfer, Market oriented Product Development, Solution Development and its further development projects in partnership between Kharkov and international partners.

The project was outsourced from SINTEF to IDN. We were in charge of implementation and organised all activities both in Norway and Ukraine.