PROJECT SME Development Manufacturing

Innovative Energy-Saving Concrete Aggregates Production Line at the Morawski Plant

Innovative cleaning of raw materials to reduce CO2 emissions.

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Towards Better Productivity and Quality

Optimizing the process of cleaning raw material for production is a crucial step towards a sustainable production line. The Morawski Plant initiated a process for renewal of their production line by updating the energy-intensive process of sorting and fractionising their raw materials.

The project will implement ecological and energy-efficient solutions which will consequently increase the competitiveness of the Morawski Plant. The sorting-de-gassing-rinsing unit, which will be developed and then implemented in the project, will replace three devices: a wet screening method, a dehydrator, and a de-scrubbing mud. This will save water and energy and reduce CO2 emissions. The main parameter that distinguishes this device from other devices on the market is the fact that the water is used continuously and not fed by pumps as it is the case with other devices.

These activities will contribute to the implementation of the objectives of the scheme Green industry innovation.

Main Activities of the Project

  • Development of the new technology of the flushing and separating device according to the Morawski Plant idea. 
  • Implementation of the new technology.
  • Technological consulting in the scope of production optimization.

IDN will assist the Morawski plant in the optimization of the new aggregate separating line developed to strengthen its maximum capacity. This will be done by providing an assessment and recommendations on optimizing the technology. The activities in which IDN takes part will ensure the business meets the outcomes of both the EEA call and the project objective itself.