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Green Mission: Climate

Informing and promoting awareness of climate change in Latvian school and education system.

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Informing and promoting awareness of climate change in Latvian school and education system. 

Project “Green Mission: Climate” aim is to educate, inform and promote Latvian pupils’ and educational staff’s awareness and knowledge of climate change by using and integrating alternative educational approaches and methods into the project activities.

Wider and deeper understanding of climate change is also the key target result of the project. Direct target groups of the project are Latvian high school students, teachers of natural sciences, Latvian educational institutions and municipal education departments. Indirect target groups are society in wider sense, other different youth and educational organizations as well as families and friends of direct target groups

The project will help to educate and inform youth by organizing interdisciplinary technical and practical workshops in schools. 

As well as by providing field trips to science center in which with a help of several interactive expositions a special gallery of climate change will be created. A wide range of publicity activities will be implemented, with measures to guarantee coherence with the sustainable approach. Until its completion, the project aims:

  • To acquire knowledge and experience from a foreign partner on informing and educating the public, especially the youth and educators, about the climate change and joining the partner’s contact network.
  • To promote awareness through alternative education and hands-on approach by organizing technical workshops on mitigation of the climate change, progress of low carbon development and adaptation to climate change in Latvian general educational institutions.
  • To develop and provide distribution of the educational and methodical material on specific scientific and technical experiments (including practical and interdisciplinary) to educators and departments of education in Latvia.
  • To supplement the possibilities, capacity and resources of the Science Centre Kurzeme Demo Centre to provide consistent and long term public educational and informative platform and place that educates and informs target audience on mitigation of the climate change during the project and after completion of the project as well.

IDN will contribute with knowledge sharing between Norway and Latvia. More specific organizing a study trip for the Latvian partners to Trondheim where they will meet local experts.

Overall, the project will:

Inform and promote awareness and knowledge of climate change of at least 30.463 Latvian secondary school students, 1.600 natural sciences teachers, 800 Latvian comprehensive schools, 80 Latvian education departments, by increasing knowledge and capacity of involved partners, learning from foreign experience, as well as integrating and using alternative educational approaches and methods to facilitate their involvement in climate change prevention and implementation of political measures connected to adaptation to climate change.