Workshop with Trondheim Chamber of Commerce

On the 17th of November, IDN together with the Polish Chamber of Commerce organized a workshop for 16 Polish companies in the Norwegian city Trondheim. The main speaker of the workshop was Christian Haugen, Senior Advisor at Trondheim Chamber of Commerce. He gave a presentation about the industry situation in the Trondheim region and how companies are working with energy efficiency and renewable technology. Christian also spoke about the role of the Chamber of Commerce in the region and how companies can cooperate with them when doing business in the region. IDN sees the Trondheim Chamber of Commerce as an important knowledge partner in the region.



Further on in the workshop CEO of IDN Anders Stølan, gave a presentation about the company and its role in many projects within energy efficiency and renewable energy. IDN aims at contributing to the green change in Europe and we experience that the EEA & Norway Grants is an important tool to contribute to this shift.