IDN organizes workshop for Polish industry

On the 16th of November, IDN together with the Polish Chamber of Commerce organized a workshop in Oslo for 16 Polish companies being part of the POLNORECO-project. The workshop was part of a study tour the companies had to Oslo and Trondheim.



The first speaker at the workshop was Lars-Kåre Legernes, Managing Director of Oslo Chamber of Commerce. He introduced the industry in Norway and possibilities for the Polish companies. During his presentation, Lars-Kåre also talked about the Norwegian business culture and compared it to the Polish business culture.

Further on in the workshop Kia-Luise Klavenes, Senior Advisor & Partner at Pure Consulting. Pure is a company that works with the understanding of how sustainable development should be made into dynamic, relevant and profitable business strategies. Kia-Luise introduced the concept of CSR to the Polish companies, a term that is not so well known in businesses in CEE countries.

The last presentation of the workshop was done by Geir Ole Ørnes, District Director in Metal Supply Norway. They are a commercial sector network where suppliers, distributors, and other stakeholders within metal and machine industry in an easy wat can come in contact with each other, find information about each other, sell/buy new and used equipment and machines. Geir Ole explained how also Polish companies can use their platform to target themselves for the Norwegian market.