Results from Green Mission: Climate

On September 29th there was held a press conference about results of project Green mission: Climate. It took place in Ventspils, at Kurzeme Demo Centre’s new passive house.

The main spoke persons at the conference was representatives of the foundation “Ventspils High Technology Park” and Ltd. “Aspired”. At this event new scientific and methodological material was be presented as well. At the end of the conference, visitors was be welcomed to attend the new interactive exposition of Kurzeme Demo Centre about Climate Changes.



The Green mission: climate project was carried out by VHTP in cooperation with SIA Aspired and International Development Norway. The project lasted from March 2015 to September 2016.

The objective of the Green mission: Climate project was to educate, inform and promote awareness and knowledge of climate change between Latvian secondary school students and teachers by integrating and using alternative educational approaches and methods. In the framework of the project new interactive exposition were developed: Floor 1 of the Kurzeme Demo Centre’s new building houses an unprecedented exhibition on climate change, its causes, consequences and solutions. The exhibition features 18 new, interactive stands with the added value of knowledge. Museum visitors are offered to solve the mystery of Tangrams, take part in car racing to save the world by force of thought, find out what it feels like to be a state governor, and to raise CO2 emissions. During the project period more than 500 high school students and teachers have visited this exposition for free.

The project “Green Mission: Climate” has yielded three creative technical workshops explaining climate change, related issues and solutions in detail. All workshops are based on real international studies and statistics, thus ensuring that the activities and their results approximate the real situation regarding climate change in Latvia and around the world.

Over the last year, the workshops have taken place in 78 schools in all five Latvian regions, attracting over 4,000 students.

New scientific and methodological material were developed during Green Mission Climate. There are 42 different practical experiments covered in the scientific and methodological material, as well as hard nuts and discussion-type tasks that the natural science teachers will be able to use in their classes performing a variety of practical tasks together with the students and making lessons more attractive, interesting and engaging for students. Experiments during natural science classes will encourage the knowledge and understanding of Latvian pupils on climate change and its mitigation.

The project is realized within the European Economic Zone financial instrument 2009-2014 year period program “National climate policy” small grant scheme’s open contests framework.