IDN visits partner in Ventspils

The development of Kurzeme Demo Centre Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) is finalized and IDN traveled to Ventspils to view the new building and exhibition focusing on Climate Change.

Climate change is an important topic that needs more attention in the Latvian school system and the VHTP have now constructed an exhibition exploring different aspects of that topic. During the days in Latvia IDN had several meetings with the Latvian partner VHTP discussing the project and also planning for new projects within the field of energy efficiency.



The building itself serve as a separate exhibit, which demonstrates the possible solutions for sustainable buildings – with the usage of renewable resources, low carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and low energy costs to the society. Planned building’s heating energy costs are 12.8kWh/m2 a year, which is approximately 10 times less than a current average building in Latvia, and it will fit within the standard of a passive house.



IDN contributed with experts on renewable energy and environmental technology that helped develop the exhibitions within the Demo center.