21.04.2024 Latvia

Campaign “Green mission” has implemented educational activities on climate and environment

Campaign “Green mission” has implemented educational activities on climate and environment

International Development Norway (IDN) with it’s project partner Ventspils High Technology Park (VHTP) from Latvia has been implementing campaign activities for almost three years now. The aim of the project has been to inform population of Latvia about climate change and environmental issues.

IDN participates in the project as a mentor to share the experience and examples for activities that have been implemented in Norway and has worked. During the campaign “Green mission” various activities have been implemented to inform the audience. For instance, Climate classes were offered to pupils and wider audience. Classes were carried out in VHTP Future classroom which offers modern equipment and furnishings. In total more than 70 Climate classes were organized and they were attended by at least 1200 people.

Other activity that was implemented were Climate workshops during which anyone interested attended a class on resource use and waste sorting, after which bottle sublimation workshop took place. At least 15 workshops were organized. In addition to this activity people were given the opportunity to come to VHTP design workshop “RADE” and repair their old clothes and other things. VHTP have collaborated with students of art school to create an exhibition of their old clothes that will be repaired as well.

In addition to events organized there were other informative materials created and distributed, for example, publications and videos about climate change and environmental issues, press releases and other. IDN has been more than happy to work with VHTP to carry out this campaign and are willing to work together in other future projects as well.

Working together for a green Europe!

The public information campaign “Green Mission” is implemented within the framework of the project “VPB/Remediation of Historically Contaminated Sites” (project No. NFI/AK/04). The project budget is EUR 5,117,000, of which the co-financing of the Norwegian financial instrument (Norwegian grant) is EUR 4 349 450,00. The project implementation period is from July 1st, 2021 to April 30th, 2024. More information: www.vatp.lv/en/projekti/remediation-of-historically-oil-contaminated-sites.


Information was prepared by:

Anders Stølan

CEO of International Development Norway