PROJECT Entrepeneurship SME Development

Technical Assistance for Eskişehir Design and Innovation Centre (EDIC)

Helping the Eskişehir Design and Innovation Center expand its competence and quality of sevices offered local SMEs


Furthering expertise with the newest technical equipment and greater cooperation

The region of Eskişehir, already a leader in aviation, rail systems, white goods, ceramics, machinery and metals, has seen the Eskişehir Design and Innovation Center constructed from the initiative of Anadolu Technology Research Park (ATAP Inc.). The center aims to increase the competitiveness of SMEs, primarily in the aviation, automotives, railways, machinery and white goods sectors.

The center has a broad range of technical equipment such as 3 metal and plastic printers, a Heat Treatment Furnace, a Surface Grinding Machines and a 3D Optical Scanner, all allowing a variety of expertise and services to be performed with the center as a basis. Furthermore, an emphasis will be put on improving the design and Research and Development capabilities of local industry.


  • Provide R&D and design improvements to local industry
  • provide access to modern technical equipment to local industry to allow them to reach higher standards of products
  • create an environment of cooperation between industry, universities and entrepreneurs

IDN’s involvement

IDN will provide comprehensive assistance to the operationalization of EDIC in order to improve the quality of its work. IDN will also provide relevant experts in any area needed and requested in accordance to the project.