PROJECT Circular Economy

Electricity and ecological fertiliser from biogas

Increased competitiveness of Wastech Recycling sp. z o.o. through the use of an innovative fertilizer production technology based on digestate substances from biogas plant installations.

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This project, in cooperation with the entrepreneur Wastech Recycling,  leads to the production of electricity and heat from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and to the production of safe agricultural fertiliser from digestate. The result of the operations will involve a better waste management, energy efficiency, reduced emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere, and more efficient material management.

The construction of a new biogas plant will be part of the investment. The technology for the plant will be based on a substrate from expired food products, that remains after a hygienization process and the removal of packaging. The combined heat and power plant will produce biogas and then generate electricity. The main by-product of this progress will be a digestate that can be used as an agricultural fertiliser.

International Development Norway operates in areas close to the project field, contributing with experience and competence. In this, International Development Norway will advice the company with setting the optimal parameters for the hygienization process to achieve a fertilizer, that is microbiologically and parasitologically safe for the environment.