PROJECT Green Energy SME Development Entrepeneurship

Habitats for wind turbine maintenance

This project is focused on developing a habitat for repair work on wind turbines that can increase the maintenance season by 10 to 15 weeks

Portugal Map


Habitats that can sustain harsh meteorologic conditions 

Repairing Wind turbines, especially offshore, is not easy with the harsh climate in the ocean. Maintenance season is therefore relatively short – 20 to 25 weeks per year – and EPTUNE Engineering have developed a solution that can increase the maintenance season by 10 to 15 weeks. 

EPTUNE Engineering have created a habitat that can sustain harsh meteorologic conditions, by creating a controlled working environment with controlled temperature and humidity levels. This habitat will also have a sealing system which connects the habitat to the blade that will prevent water and external air from entering the habitat. This system is going to guarantee stability during the elevation and descent of the platform. 


  • Develop an innovative all-weather offshore platform for wind turbine repair

IDN Involvement

IDN will support EPTUNE Engineering in defining offshore requirements and establishing contacts with potential end-users and wind energy producers. IDN will also identify and invite Norwegian stake-holders to a workshop to discuss the product and requirements relevant to the daily operations.