PROJECT Entrepeneurship Strategy & Policy

FabLabs as Means to Social Inclusion

Delivering the first EEA Grants NGO project in Poland.

Poland Map


Delivering the first EEA Grants NGO project in Poland.

In the framework of the project  “Social innovation for supporting dysfunctional families”  the team adapted the FabLab methodology and create two workshops to be used by kids aged 5-15 who are in serious risk of social exclusion. The project is going to be located in Warsaw, in Prague North, the neighborhood where the percentage of excluded (or in risk of exclusion) is relatively higher than in other quarters.

With this project, the basic needs of young tenants should be fulfilled; and by creating the FabLab space, the technical competences to be used in adult life can also be improved.

IDN is going to share the experience and help to successfully implement the idea.

Coming from Norway, where tech FabLab concept is widely known and spread, IDN will act so that the FabLabs can become one important facilitator of local development. They should create an opportunity for joined actions for the shareholders – administration, entrepreneurs and educational institutions.