Baltic Home – Design exhibition in Oslo

January 12, 2023, marked the launch of an exciting new exhibition in Oslo! IDN along with INKU Inkubator Sektorów Kreatywnych and Stowarzyszenie Media Dizajn are proud to present the Baltic Home exhibition, where the designs of contemporary creators are juxtaposed with the classics of seaside design. Will a common, local dialogue emerge between them? What do the furniture and objects say about themselves?

The utilitarian items and furniture presented during the exhibition speak for themselves. Each one designed with a concept in mind, entrusted to the careful hands of artists who cherish what is modern but also with a touch of creating a better and more comfortable everyday life.
These are not furniture and items for everyone. These are furniture and objects for those who, while living globally, can appreciate local values. Local – because the uniqueness of these objects is shaped away from large factories and the sight of production lines, from the moment the concept of them appears in the mind of a local artist. This creates an image not only of enormous authenticity but above all, love for what is ours and local!
Let’s find out what the items have to say. Was the process of their creation tender? What path have they taken to find themselves at the exhibition? What motivates their creators in the search for new forms?

The exhibition is part of the Active Creative project, aimed at stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit in the cultural and creative sectors. This initiative, co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA Grants under the “Active Citizens – Regional Fund” program, aims to strengthen business, cultural, and entrepreneurial competencies among representatives of the creative sector from both Poland and Norway.