1.12.2023 Serbia

Women in Business, Zagreb

Women have come a long way in business, and as the environment is changing in a dramatic pace, the role of women in business is constantly growing. Unfortunately, significant challenges continue to persist, particularly when women seek to become company owners, managers or leaders, as invisible barriers seem to make their progress in the business arena more difficult. These challenges must be addressed, and solutions actively pursued, for things to change – not only for the benefit of women, but also for the good of businesses and society in general.

This is why Innovation Norway has initiated this bilateral Norwegian – Croatian event, as part of the “Business Development and Innovation Croatia” Programme, financed by Norway Grants 2014-2021. The Conference took place on 30 November in Westin Hotel, Zagreb. Our CEO Anders Stølan has contributed to the event with his perspective on the topic and gained insightful knowledge from the attendees around the world.

Highlights from the day:

  • Iselin Larsen raised awareness about both masculine and feminine leadership traits and emphasized the importance of finding a good balance between the two.
  • Hana Colakovic highlighted the significance of addressing impostor syndrome.
  • Hajdi Cenan shared her career journey, emphasizing the importance of taking risks.
  • Mary Ann Rukavina Cipetić touched upon the triple bottom line, stressing the equal importance of social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
  • Natasa Novakovic, MBA delved into the importance of facilitating work-life balance.
  • Tarja Krehić shed light on legal solutions related to the lack of women in top positions in Croatia and the significance of their presence.
  • Marit Helene Silseth demonstrated how she engages more women in business across borders and cultures.
  • In the concluding part of the seminar, Anders StølanAnte BakicAna Gruden and Iselin Larsen took part in a panel discussion, sharing their perspectives and personal experiences in their respective businesses.
  • The event was organised by Innovation Norway, as part of the Norway Grants for Business Programme in Croatia. One of the goals of the EEA and Norway Grants is to strengthen bilateral relations between donor states and beneficiary states.

IDN wishes a fruitful future for all of the participants and enjoyed the dialogue the event has brought to light.