PROJECT Circular Economy

Mitigation and Adaptation to Climate Change in Straldzha Municipality

Cooperating across borders to limit climate mitigation

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Transnational cooperation for improved competence on climate change adaptation

Climate mitigation is increasingly evident in the international political arena, and a task that cannot be solved in one specific area of the world. Working together across borders is a helpful mechanism that allows partners to share experience, skills, and educate each other on the upcoming climate challenges. 

This project is a cooperation between the Straldzha municipality in Bulgaria and International Development Norway, with the objective of improving the competence of local municipal workers, providing them with the necessary skills and experience to successfully implement strategic plans and measures to limit climate mitigation. 

Measures for municipal employees

Municipality employees will undergo training and workshops to acquire new skills and gain competences for assessing the strategic plans and measures for climate change actions. This will make them more successful at limiting greenhouse gas emissions, and will build resilience in the local community to adapt to climate change. Ultimately, the municipality will become more efficient in planning, defining, analyzing and implementing new critical steps to prevent or limit possible damages that climate change may cause.

Activities towards increased competence on climate change adaptation

  • Ensure competent project management by continuous planning and execution of necessary activities. 
  • All information about the project is accessible to the public and stakeholders to ensure transparency and accountability. 
  • Conduct a study to identify specific and relevant training methods to determine the appropriate training for increased competence. 
  • Continuously upgrade knowledge and skills by having at least 20 candidates from the municipality pass the training activities, and further employing these candidates for training of more municipal workers. 
  • Assessment of the Municipal Development Plan to evaluate the efficiency and achievement of the objectives. 
  • Conduct a public campaign to raise awareness of the project, good practices, and the results of the measures implemented. 

IDN contributes with training and good practices of local municipal workers, providing the necessary skills and experience to assess strategic plans for climate mitigation in the Straldzha municipality.