25.05.2021 Colombia

RECMAN and IDN cooperation

IDN has assisted RECMAN in developing an application for the NORAD Enterprise Development Program. In March the project was approved by NORAD and LOGYSTO will receive 50% of eligible costs covered by NORAD. IDN will also provide project management support during project execution.

Economic growth and the path towards combating poverty is a joint effort, and in a world where technology plays an increasing role, it has become a challenge to understand how to integrate and employ it to improve and create jobs, instead of simply accepting that manpower will be substituted for machines. RECMAN believes that sustainable, productive, and fair job creation starts before the employment itself and continues when a new job position is launched in the market, people become candidates and applicants and the recruitment process is run. It continues when an applicant becomes an employee, that must be treated equally and have its needs assessed. Technology, in this case, can be a catalyst for change, where optimization and automatization leave more space for personal interaction and connections to happen. Yet the recruitment and staffing market is one with a lot of challenges regarding control and organization of the labor force. These challenges often require companies to implement several IT systems to get the control they need. RECMAN has thus created a system that allows recruitment and staffing companies to control all processes through the same portal, which is available anytime in the cloud, ensuring transparency and that recruitment and staffing companies get a better workflow, enabling the release of scarce resources such as time and money. The RECMAN system increases the quality of the service that these companies deliver to their customers and employees and also facilitates the connection between job seekers and companies. By introducing Recman in Colombia, the company will not only be aligned with the country’s general needs but will have a direct impact on improving the recruitment market, human resources practices, pipeline management processes, and, through innovation and technology implementation, positively impact on labor rights guarantee, higher sustainability of jobs and in the overall society and social rights application for every employee