4.01.2012 Poland

Project WEEEZO completed

The project was created to disseminate knowledge and best practices around electronic waste disposal.

Completion of the project: “The Polish-Norwegian partnership for the transfer of knowledge in the field of managing waste electrical and electronic equipment in Poland, with particular reference to Mazovia and Silesia”.

The genesis of the project entailed the involvement of the Institute of Mechanized Construction and Rock Mining in the issues of waste electrical and electronic equipment. Based on the experience gave birth to the concept of the project WEEEZO. With support from has granted the Norwegian Financial Mechanism in 2009, started the project. The project ended in December 2011. During the project, the team:

  • Contacted more than 200 project stakeholders
  • Conducted 75 audits of technology
  • Prepared base 100 related technologies of managing WEEE
  • Organized seven training in legislation, new technologies and funding to implement innovation
  • Organized six seminars regarding issues of WEEE
  • The analysis developed State of the Art and issued a monograph concerningaspects of the system of managing WEEE in Poland and other European countries and selected processing technology electrical and electronic waste