POLNORECO holds a regional conference in Lublin

On the 25th of January 2017  POLNORECO project held the First Regional Conference. The chosen venue was Białystok, capital of the Podlaskie– one of the two regions covered by the activities of POLNORECO project.

The conference was organized in the close cooperation with Politechnika Lubelska,  Faculty of Management and it covered  several dimensions of regional sustainable development.  The core focus of the conference was given to three main areas : environment and ecology, facilitation of entrepreneurship and innovativeness in the region and last but not least overview of possible funding mechanisms enabling projects and initiatives contributing to the welfare of the region. The perspective adopted in the conference was strictly related to POLNORECO – bilateral, Polish Norwegian knowledge and experience sharing, therefore Norwegian party was strongly represented.

Conference was addressed to all three groups which has the biggest potential to influence regional sustainable development  – academia, authorities and companies. We deeply hope that presented overview of the topics will strengthen IDN local presence and will help to establish further partnerships.